Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Funny pictures from the daily life of people around the world

The SARS Entertainment. Showing graphic images of the world's largest Ferris wheel to be built up to 550 feet in Las Vegas, U.S..

Father and son Join the celebration of religious festivals. In the capital city of Mexico.
Chinese tourist enjoy artistic displays three-dimensional images in a special magic. The center of Hangzhou city. Zhejiang Province, China.
Filipino girl contestant "Miss Clearwater Lily" Water Festival,Capital city of Las Minas Which everyone must wear plaiting with dried water hyacinth.
Young Chinese made ​​to the drawings, 3D wall. Fantastic art exhibition in particular.
Chinese girl posing next to a photograph depicting three-dimensional part of a special exhibition at the Art Marvel 2012 Hangzhou.
The second basket ... basket open on the first floor of the world famous "Blue Rio" opened up Stan's horn, Switzerland


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